My App Selection For Editing Instagram Pics

Let’s start by stating the obvious: the photo’s editing through tools like Photoshop, Lightroom & co has and will always guarantee a much higher quality than the editing on smartphone but as we all know Instagram is born for the immediate sharing of photos and today there are many applications that allow you to get results (almost) professional in a few steps.

Let’s start!

# 1 VSCO

You CAN’T have this App on your smartphone to edit photos. A free version is available with several pre-defined filters that you can modify for intensity, character and warmth. In addition to the choice of filters you can intervene on many other parameters such as: exposure, contrast, saturation, highlights, shadows, …. You need a little ‘play with the various settings until you find the filter that best suits your needs. Here is a link to a Pinterest album of mine where I have collected various examples of how to use VSCO filters to create a consistent gallery on a visual level.

vsco filter example

There is also a paid version, VSCO X, which has many more filters and a continuous update of these with the latest news.

This App allows you to get edited shots in a professional manner and without a decrease in the original quality of the photo.

# 2 Snapseed

This Google App is perfect to edit all your pics. My favourite one is Snapseed’s selective function under the Tools menu. It allows modifications to certain parts of the picture with brightness, contrast, and saturation. By tapping the picture, a dot will be placed on the desired area and from there swipe your finger up and down to select brightness, contrast, or saturation.


Images from Snapseed

# 3 TouchRetouch

You know that moment when you get a shot very cool but some cute photobomber decides to place himself in the middle and the picture is inevitably ruined?

Here it is. Retouch is the application for you. With this app you will be able to eliminate any disturbing element present in your photos, from people to details (who hates to see trash bins in the background?). It is available for both iOS and Android and costs € 2.29 and € 1.99 respectively. I assure you that everyone really is worth it!


#4 InShot

I use this app very especially to resize those shots that I want to share in my Instagram Stories (default format 16: 9). In addition to this feature, InShot also allows you to edit videos and create collages. As for the photos you can change the background, add stickers and text and even apply filters similar to Instagram ones. For the videos,you can also change the speed and add a background music.


# 5 KiraKira

Last but not least. Have you ever seen those photos or videos with all those inexplicable glittering lights? Here, Kira Kira is the App to make everything super shiny! once you try it, you can not live without it!

I’m gearing up with a super photographer to create content even on Lightroom so … stay tuned! 🙂


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