Anti-Dark Circle Eye Illuminator by Darphin

Raise your hand if you fight continuously with dark circles! If you are always looking for the right ally for your eye contour (like I do), then you have to try this Darphin product: the Anti-Dark Circle Eye Illuminator.

The Product

Anti-Dark Circle Eye Illuminator by Darphin is a moisturizing and lightly tinted cream, enriched with illuminating Translucent Optics, Peptide and Vitamin C offers instant and long-term benefits to treat the look of dark circles and fine lines. Coupled with Darphin’s first eye care with a metallic cooling tip (inspired by the delicate touch of Darphin’s beautician’s fingertip) the Ideal Resource Anti-Dark Circle Eye Illuminator immediately brings radiance and suppleness to the eye area reducing the look of under-eye darkness. Overtime, the area appears brighter, more luminous and younger looking.

The Application

Probably many think that it’s enough to simply apply the product to obtain the expected results…but which are the secrets for a correct application?

1. First of all apply on the subcular part, with uniformity, from the internal to the external corner with a repeated movement. Repeat 3 times.

2. Repeat this movement above the eye contour area under the eyebrow arch.

3. Exercise of pressure-pressure (a rapid pressure-release movement) under the eyebrows one pressure point at a time for a total of 4 pressure points

4. Repeat the same technique on the subocular part

5. Finish with a gentle passage of the tip of the applicator from the inside corner to the outer corner of the eye contour with a small, zig-zag movement.

et voilà, the game is done!



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